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Halloween- A Healthy Eating Trick... Or Treat?

Growing up, Halloween was one of my favorite holidays. I could do without the dressing up, but when it came to filling up a pillow case with mounds of candy, I was psyched! It was the one time a year I didn't feel bad about hoarding candy and eating it with every meal.

As I grew up, Halloween became less and less relevant to my lifestyle, as I tried, for the most part, not to include candy as a part of my diet. As much as I love treats, candy has gone from a large part of my daily intake to a rare sugary treat. Today for breakfast I set out to make a "treat" that sums up Halloween but doesn't jack up my sugar intake for the day.

Crunchy, Sweet, Pumpkiny Greek Yogurt with pumpkin butter, dark chocolate chips, pecans, raisins, rolled oats, and leftover "Raisin the Bar" cereal. Who needs a snickers bar when you can get all your macronutrients in a big bowl?

What about you ? How much candy do you eat around Halloween? (This year I had one fun size butterfinger, one fun size jujube, one lollipop, and 1/4 of my chocomize bar). Do you have a favorite Halloween candy? (Dark Chocolate Milky Way)

Happy, Healthy (or not), Halloween!

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