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Back into the frying pan

Did my 1st run since Sunday's marathon - a very hilly 11.82 mile run. Finished in 1:52:22, or 9:28 min mile avg. Just wanted to see how I felt, and I felt pretty good, so what I thought might be an 8 mile jaunt turned into something longer. Since my next 26.2 is a month away, I need to build up my miles quickly - and wanting to avoid 'junk' miles - I ran a hilly route that demanded effort. I wasn't too concerned with time, just getting a good hill workout. Those last few hills on Sunday took a lot out of me and I want to be ready for any hill, at any moment, regardless at what mile marker I find them.

My Garmin showed I burned 1,652 calories - love that feature. I am also looking to become leaner, as I ran the Maine Marathon a good 5 lbs heavier than Sugarloaf. Imagine running with a 5 lb weight in your pocket for no good reason?

Though I'll probably always be more bison than antelope, I can watch my nutrition a bit closer and make better choices to condition myself to handle all of these upcoming miles. Leaner = faster.

After today's run I drank 12oz Naked Protein, 8 oz. lower sodium V8, and a 1/2 cantalope, and am making cod fra diavolo for dinner with maple glazed brussel sprouts and sweet potato wedges for contorni (side dishes).

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