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My sons 3rd birthday was this weekend.

On Friday we took him to lunch at Terra Burger which is an all organic burger place in Austin. Its a small, walk up joint that caters to young families. All seating is outside on picnic benches surrounding a playground.

After Terra Burger we headed to watch Despicable Me in 3D.

He is really into trains right now, so we spent Saturday on the Hill Country Flyer. It is a restored locomotive from the early 1900s. The train ride was a 66 mile round trip that took us from Cedar Park (north of Austin) to historic Burnet, Texas.

Once the train arrived in Burnet we had lunch at a local park and watched a gunfight reinactment in their "Wild West" show. Here are a few pictures from our day.

Showing off his ticket:

Hanging out the train window (*while it was STOPPED*):

Getting his ticket punched by the conductor:

Hanging out on the platform in between the cars:

In the souvenir/snack car:

On the playground during lunch

Wild West Gunfight

I can't believe my child is THREE!

(and since I've probably overwhelmed you enough with pictures of my child, I will wait until my next post to tell you all about his amazing birthday race)

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