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I'm not one to complain - I like to joke, point out inconsistencies, make my point, etc. but I don't feel like I've bitched too much on here. So maybe this is a first.

I was riding my bike to work this morning, which is no big deal. I'm currently working for a non-profit on the corner of Broadway and Baseline in Boulder. As you may know, there is a bike lane that goes along Broadway so that people don't ride their bikes on Broadway (another topic for discussion is the recent influx of people biking on Broadway, which is a less than smart idea). I was riding along the path, following some guy and he took a really big turn. I swerved to avoid hitting him, and some MAMIL yelled at me: "HEY, HEY! LOOK UP!"

What did I do to deserve getting yelled at here? I swerved to avoid hitting someone else. I can deal with getting yelled at. Hell, I get yelled at every few days and it isn't a big deal. What really got me today was that this shithead didn't need to do anything to avoid a collision. He was just being a blowhard. Maybe he had to slow down a bit, maybe he had to swerve, but if the most terrible thing that happened on his morning ride was avoiding hitting me, he can suck it. I mean, what was this guy's problem?

I completely understand that he is probably really important and that he doesn't need any more stress and that anything that slows down his ride is very problematic and that everyone else should know that his ride wasn't as fast as it could be because he had to slow down and inform people that he was coming through and we should watch out for him. So maybe I'm just the asshole here.

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