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My FIT-losophy: Aka "Why My Rear Doesn't Look like a Pumpkin"

Ok that's kind of a lie. There are many shapes and sizes of pumpkins, and they're kind of cute and round, right?

Anyway, after my pumpkin binge post (which didn't include the pumpkin PB choc chip cookies I made today, check my soon-to-be recipes page) I figured I'd follow it up with an exercise post. Exercise is such a huge aspect of my life, it's a non-negotiable date with myself 5-6x per week. My laundry gets done when I run out of clean socks and sports bras, hands down. (Overshare? Oh well it's true.) In order to keep myself from going crazy with boredom, I try to switch up my activities to keep my body guessing. In medical school (and in most busy lives!) you don't always have time to go to the gym for 2-3 hours, so efficiency is key. Here are some of my exercise faves:

Me finishing a 10K last fall

1. Running. #1 with a bullet! I love running. It makes me feel strong, centered, clear-headed, I could go on and on... It's also wonderful for your heart, lungs, digestive system, brain, skin, etc. Not to mention the calorie burn bonus :-). Next 10K is in one week- have you thought about running recently? Give it a try!

2. Weight Training (Circuits). This is something I shied away from for a long time because I thought I'd get bulky (a mistake many women make, unfortunately). But as I tend towards a bit of "Exercise ADD," circuits are the best way to hit every muscle group without feeling antsy. Low weights-high reps is my philosophy. Squats, lunges, combo exercises (think lunge w/ shoulder press), ab work with weights, balance exercises on the Bosu ball, bursts of cardio in the form of jump squats, mountain climbers, high knees, skaters... My heart is pumping and calories are torched!

No bulkiness here!

3. Exercise Videos. The best way to fit in exercise without joining a gym. Most are cheap (~$10) and are so versatile- you can mix and match so your workout is tailored to your preferences and time schedule.

Some videos in my collection

And fun fact: I will be creating an exercise video for obese kids as a project in med school. I am really passionate about this form of exercise!
My top videos:
1. Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones
2. Jillian Michaels Banish Fat Boost Metabolism
3. Jackie Warner Circuit Training (both!)
4. Bob Harper Weight Loss Yoga
5. P90X Plyo

4. Other sporadic favorites include Spinning, Kickboxing, Yoga, Pilates, and good old walking everywhere!

In my opinion, exercise is the #1 thing you can do to keep yourself healthy! 10 minutes a day is better than nothing. Find the exercise that you love to do and it will be so much more enjoyable (and rewarding).

And although I LOVE baking, I don't sit here eating cookies and muffins all day. Here's a peek of my dinner:

Coconut quinoa w/chickpeas, tomatos, spinach, and pumpkin tofu drizzled w/Orange vinaigrette and baked sweet potatos. Very filling, and full of whole grains, veggies, and protein. Mmm.

Hope you had a great weekend!


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