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I may be DIFFERENT, but that doesn't make me LESS

There seems to be a line in the sand regarding the Mega-Races like the Rock N Roll series. Runners either love them or hate them. I've read a few blogs were the series is slammed for its commercialism and for its sheer size. Interestingly enough, that's what attracted me to the series.

I knew this marathon would be difficult for me. I know going into it that I will be fighting a mental battle. Running is always a mental battle for me and I wanted to set myself up for success. With that in mind I picked Rock N Roll San Antonio for its entertainment value. I've heard the crowd support is great, and I know I'm going to need all the cheering I can get. There will be music along the way, and I'll need it for a distraction. I also picked it because it's close to my family, they will be there cheer us on.

I want to stand at the starting line with the 30,000 other runners and feel their excitement. I want to run next to thousands of other people pursuing their dreams. I want to inspire and BE inspired with each step. I want to feel a part of this amazing running community.

While the line isn't quite as distinct I would venture to say that runners seem to either prefer to run alone or prefer to run with a partner. The fact that my husband and I are not only training together, but will also run the marathon together seem to mystify some people.

I read over and over again how runners consider it their "me time". I completely agree. However, my husband happens to be running beside me having his "me time". I feel like I'm able to enjoy the benefits of each view. We are able to chat and spend time together, and then there are times where we are each lost in our own thoughts.

Say what?!?!

I read a blog this week that suggested those of us running with partners, or in training groups are somehow taking the easy way out. It got me a little fired up. I may have someone running NEXT to me, but MY legs are carrying ME the entire distance. I have yet to get a piggy-back ride from Charles mid-run. (Although... in all honesty... I have been tempted by the idea... )

I may not have mentioned it before, but I am thankful to be sharing this experience with Charles. It has given us something to connect over. We celebrate our victories together and commiserate our mis-steps. I would venture to say that our marriage is stronger BECAUSE of marathon training.

Whether you prefer large races, or a small race YOU ARE STILL A RUNNER.
Whether you run alone or with a partner, YOU ARE STILL A RUNNER.
We need to accept and respect each others differences.

When men and women are able to respect and accept their differences then love has a chance to blossom. John Gray

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