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GU Energy Review and Giveaway

Training for a marathon take a lot more than simply heading out for a run. I try to set myself up for success on the longer runs by focusing on my food intake and hydration in the days prior to it. But as diligent as I am about those two things I still find I need a little help keeping my energy up DURING long runs.

Typically I start the morning with a Bagel Thin (or half a regular bagel if I don't have the "thin" ones). I don't use any gels prior to the run because I feel good enough with just the bagel. I've been using a GU energy gel at about mile 5 of our 10-13 mile runs. Now that we are surpassing those distances I will start working with adding in another GU somewhere along the way.

I tend to lean towards the ones with caffeine, I feel they give me a slight boost that I don't feel with the non-caffeinated versions. (Real? Imagined? Either way, I'll take it!) My favorite flavors are Chocolate Outrage (hellooo gooey brownie batter) and Espresso Love (2x caffeine).

GU just debuted their newest flavor, Mandarin Orange. I have to be honest with you, I hated it. It was easily the worst tasting gel I have tried,(sorry GU makers... ) BUT I'm not a huge citrus "flavoring" fan.

GU also has their own electrolyte drink, GU Brew as well as GU Chomps which are their "energy chews". And if you need a little something extra to fuel your runs they have
GU Roctane which is basically the original gels on steroids. (umm... not actual steroids people)

You can buy a Performance Energy Sampler of all their products HERE.

GU Energy is giving you a chance to win a Performance Energy Sampler box of your own. It has everything you need to get familiar with the great GU products. Here is what is included:

9 GU Energy Gels
3 Roctane Gels
2 Chomps Packets
2 GU Electrolyte Brew Packets
1 GU Recovery Brew Packet

Giveaway run until 11:59PM September 17th.There are several ways to enter,you can enter as few or as many times as you like but you MUST leave a separate comment for each entry.

1. Go to and come back and leave a comment telling me something you LIKE or DISLIKE about their website.

2. Follow @GuEnergyLabs on Twitter HERE.

3. Like GU Energy Labs on Facebook HERE.

4. Tell me how YOU fuel your runs. Whats your favorite gel brand and flavor? When do you use them? If you use a brand other than GU,what do you like better about them? (Honest feedback is great!)

5 Spread the word. Get an extra entry for EACH way you get the word out. These can be done once a day. (separate comment each time)

-Put a link to this giveaway on your blog
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-Send out this Tweet:

Win a @GuEnergyLabs sampler pack in the @TriciaRunning #giveaway

(disclaimer:I was given GU to review, however the review is my own)

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