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Dear Body

Dear Body,

We are in the thick of marathon training and I wanted to take a moment to evaluate how we are doing. It's important that work together in this endeavor.

Dear Hair,

Yes, you are long and healthy and shiny and yet, lately you have spent most of your time pulled back in a pony tail. Please don't be offended, I promise to let you down more often after the race.

(Ok, you probably know me well enough to realize I won't keep this promise. You should be used to spending your time pulled up, that probably won't change unless you want me to cut you. Do you? Didn't think so.)

Dear Face,

Why is your skin so angry lately? Are you rebelling because I continue to use harsh bar soap on you? I like to think of myself as a low maintenance girl, but YOU aren't going along with that. Please clear up and I'll *think* about buying you some special face wash.

Dear Shoulders,

Why are you so tense when we run? Try to relax a little and enjoy yourself. I promise you a massage after the race.

Dear Arms,

We have sloppy form. I'm sorry, but it's true.You like to swing carefree and cross my midline. WE need to work on this. On a positive note, you're looking pretty good lately. I'm totally digging your muscles.

Dear Boobs,

I pledge to continue to ensure you are properly supported for the duration of this training. However, is there any chance of you ever returning to your pre-baby glory?

Dear Core,

I signed us up for the Hard CORE Club challenge. I wanted us to spend a little more time together. I will admit I missed yesterdays session, but I WILL make it up today. We will strengthen together.

Dear Hips,

Ahhhh... .my hips. No matter how much I run or how healthy I eat you will always be curvy. And guess what? I LIKE it!

Dear Legs,

I am putting more and more miles on you each week and yet you rarely complain. Ok, in all honesty, you DO whine for the first few miles of every run. You BEG me to stop, but soon you settle down and take me where I need to go.

I spend a lot of time poking at your softness in the back,but I fail to give you credit where credit is due. YES we could be firmer in the back, BUT you do amazing things.

You've taken me further than I ever imagined and for that I am thankful. Oh, and I have noticed you thighs... .looking good. :)

Dear Right Foot,

Yes, I am going to address you and Lefty separately. YOU have a crazy huge heel spur and yet you rarely complain about it on a run. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Dear Left Foot,

I could have written an entire letter just to you.

You and I have been through a lot this year with a stress fracture, mysterious nerve issues, tendon inflammations and now some strange bone deformity. I've spent countless hours seeing numerous doctors, have tried pills, shots, creams, exercises, custom orthotics, 12 weeks of rest and anything else the doctor throws at me and yet, you still are NOT happy.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry you hurt. I'm sorry we can't seem to fix the problem. I know running is MY desire and clearly not yours, BUT I promise to continue to try to get help for your pain.

I'm trying to make you better. In the mean time, could you please try to cooperate a little better? I'm working so hard to fulfill this marathon dream of mine and I'm starting to get scared you will hold me back.

PLEASE, I beg of you... don't hold me back.

Thank you,


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