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Like I discussed on Monday, I stopped mid-run on Sunday due to heel pain. This is the same pain I've been struggling with since December. (Just to reiterate, I am under a doctors care for it. We've have tried time off and the pain continued, so currently I am "allowed" to run.) Usually I am mentally able to overcome the pain when I run, but Sunday I couldn't push through.

I had a few options following that disappointing run:

1. Be discouraged and quit

2. Learn from the experience and formulate a new plan

I went with option number 2. (was there ever any doubt?)

Right now I am only running 3 times a week. I don't feel like I can cut back on any of the running without setting myself up for further injury. SO, I am pouring myself into crosstraining. My training plan calls for 2 days a week cross training. When we started training I was spending a lot of time in the pool. With the move I don't have the same access to a pool so my crosstraining has been a little lax.

Even though I am able to run longer distances I feel like my overall fitness has decreased in the last month. I feel strongly that if I improve my overall fitness I will take less stress off my body during the long runs.

So far this week has looked like this:

Monday: 10 miles on bike
Tuesday: 5m on elliptical in morning, 3miles running in evening
Wednesday: Hill sprints in morning, this evening will be 15 miles on bike
Thursday: run-2miles easy, 3 at tempo, 2 easy
Friday: 20 miles on bike in morning, pool in evening
Saturday: rest
Sunday: 16 miles run

*additionally I do strength training 2x week along with CORE training

This is just my first week working out twice a day, next week I will up the intensity of crosstraining while remaining conservative on the running.

In all honesty I have been pretty lax on nutrition as well lately. Its so easy to fall into the trap of "I'm running long distances, I need more calories/carbs". That is only true to a point. I need to be fueled properly, but not use running as an excuse to overindulge.

Getting the nutrition and crosstraining in line will improve my overall fitness which will in turn improve my running without putting additional stress on my injury.

How often do you crosstrain?
Any suggestions for how to set up next week?

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