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Another confession

Last week I finally came out and said what every runner thinks, but nobody wanted to admit: Running is hard. (full post HERE) Apparently that wasn't such a huge confession because I got a million responses echoing the same thought.


This week I'm going to blow your mind. In an effort to come to terms with myself I'm going to make another confession.

I am slow.

Ok, ok, lets not start forming judgements just yet. Let me explain.

I'm working hard. I'm pouring all that I can into this training. I'm not missing training days, I'm hitting my long runs, I'm even doing speedwork.

But I'm not speedy.

My endurance is growing, but I'm not getting much faster.

Well, thats not entirely true. I AM getting faster for short distances, BUT the long runs are still "slow" by most standards.

And I hate it.

Strong words, I know, but it's true.

But do you know what I hate even more? I HATE that I can't simply be proud of myself.

On Sunday I ran 13.2 miles. And when it was over and I looked at the Garmin I was disappointed.

"Darn" I thought "too slow".

And then I came up with the reasons why.

"Well... .it was a hilly route"


"Well... I am running with heel pain"


"Well... .those deer running in front of us probably slowed us down."

But do you know what the real reason is?

I'm not super speedy.

Sure there are reasons:

I am a "new" runner. (coming up on 1 year anniversary)

I spent 3 months of this year off running recovering from an injury.


and I am a new runner.

I think I've been so gung ho (technical term there) about this whole marathon training that I need to step back a moment and remember how far I have come.

Two years ago I was obese and couldn't walk a block, let alone dream to run.

A year ago I didn't run, I was just formulating the goal to sign up for a 5K.(Nov.of last year, after my first 5K)

And NOW I can run 13.2 miles. (and have enough energy to keep up with my 2 year old afterwards)

It's time for me to stop focusing on what I can't do, and instead realize how far I have come.

What about you? Take a moment to compliment,instead of criticize, yourself.

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