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Monday Meanderings

1. Running: I had a HORRIBLE track session last week. My legs felt DEAD and I was having pain in my ankle,knee and lower back all on my left side. I was pretty discouraged after that speed session (or "lack of speed" session). Yes it was hot. Yes I was hurting, but darn it I feel like I should've done better.

I yanked the custom orthotics out of my shoes and two days later headed out for a super HILLY 7 mile trail run. It was a GREAT run! No pain, in fact it was down right enjoyable. Yesterday was a step back day on our long run, only 10 miles. Once again I went without the orthotics and didn't have any of the previous pain. Another hilly course, but one of our better double digit runs. Those last two runs reminded me why I love running. Week 6 of marathon training is complete.

2. Gym: Since the big move, I no longer have access to a pool. Swimming/kicking is a huge part of my cross training so we looked for options in this area. We ended up joining a local Golds Gym that has a pool which the trainers assured me is rarely used. I was pretty darn surprised how CHEAP a membership is there.

After we signed up we had the trainers do a body fat analysis on us. Turns out I am on the LOW end of the "desirable" range for females. (Go me!)The trainer was pretty impressed. WHOOT WHOOT. Of course the trainer then pointed out that we were "overachievers" so I could stand to lower it a bit for marathoning. :) yeah..yeah... .I know.

3. Free stuff: I'm hosting an awesome Sugoi giveaway right now. If a female wins it will be an amazing sports bra, or I'm giving away a running shirt for a male winner. Check it out HERE.

4. Fundraising: I've been putting a lot of thought into using my marathon as a fundraising opportunity for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Of course I would be using this blog (and occasionally special giveaways) to promote it. (This would be just me fundraising,not part of any Team In Training or similar group)I've supported other bloggers in their fundraising efforts on their blogs and think its a great way to get the word out, but I'm curious what YOU think. I haven't committed to anything yet, just want to pick your brain.

How do you feel about people using their blogs (and giveaways) to raise money for charities?

What is your favorite group exercise class at your gym?

Tell me about your BEST run within the last 2 weeks.

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