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Labor of Love

This post is for all my NON running followers who want to run
Or maybe my fellow runners can relate,

Or maybe it isn't for any of you,

Maybe it's only for me,

And that's ok too.

I'm going to let you in on a secret. Then again, I'm thinking most of you probably already know this and maybe I'm stating the obvious:

Running is hard.

Is anyone shocked to hear me say that? I didn't think so.

I'm sure there are some of you out there that find running easy. The scheduling/finding time/planning part may be difficult, but the actual runs are easy for you. I'm happy for you, honestly.

But it's not easy for me.

And I'm willing to bet it's not easy for most people reading this.

YES, I "love" running.

Does that mean I love every single step of it? No.

I don't find running easy. I don't slip on my shoes, head out the door and disappear into the sunset with a smile on my face.

I don't enjoy waking up at 5am because its too darn hot to run any other time. (I've converted to morning running with the move)

I don't like leaving my 2 year old asleep, snuggled in bed,only to return home and find out he has woken up crying for me. Hearing "Mommy, you left me" pretty much brings me to tears.

I don't effortlessly train for races.

YES, I can crank out a double digit run, and YES I can enjoy it. But, I'm convinced it won't ever be "easy" for me.

For those of you just starting to run, don't get discouraged by those words. It may not be "easy" for me, but it most definitely gets EASIER.

But I will repeat: It's not easy.

And it's not always fun.


There has to be reasons I "love" running, right?

It may be hard,

I may struggle,

I may lose sleep over it,

I may even become discouraged at points,


I ENJOY working hard towards something. Somehow I think it makes me appreciate running even more simply because I have to put so much into it.

I love knowing that by 7am Sunday morning I have accomplished more in my day than most people do in their weekends, even if it means sacrificing sleep.

I ENJOY struggling. Am I starting to sound a little masochistic? (pretty sure all runners are)

Maybe it's not the actual "struggling" that I enjoy, but I certainly enjoy the OVERCOMING part.

I ENJOY pushing my body, seeing how far it can go.

I LOVE knowing with each stride I am taking care of myself, mind, body and soul.

Thursdays 7 miler and Sundays 10 miler were actually pretty darn enjoyable. But there was some pain involved (hello, I seem to be drawn to hilly routes). And as I was running along I got to thinking about how maybe it was time someone came right out and stated the obvious.

Running is hard.

I can honestly say I love running.

But sometimes I wonder if its the actual "act" of running I love,

Or all the benefits that surround it.

And then I think, what does it matter?

Sometimes I will love the act of running, and sometimes I'll only love the afterglow, but as long as I can still use "love" and "running" in the same sentence then I'll keep putting on my shoes and hitting the road.

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