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We are moving from Florida back home to Texas in a week from today. I'll be saying goodbye to beautiful beaches and hello to beautiful ummm... .cowboys?

(couldn't resist the opportunity to throw in a little Matthew, who by the way, I ran into once in Austin. *drool*)

I mentioned to someone that we were moving to Texas and they said, "Uh oh, better go buy you a cowboy hat and boots." I laughed, and refrained from mentioning I already own both. :)

But seriously, is that what people think? Everyone in Texas wears cowboy boots and rides around on horses?

I love a good rodeo as much (or probably more) than the next person, but I can happily assure you that I won't be trading in my Brooks for a pair of boots when I cross the Louisiana-Texas border. They allow all sorts of shoes in the great state of Texas. :)

Last week I went to climb into my truck and a man stopped me and said, "That can't be YOUR truck."

Me, checking to make sure it was mine: "ummmm... well it is."

Man: "Because you're a girl, girls don't drive big trucks."

Me: "This girl does."

Man: "You must not be from around here, Florida girls don't drive trucks."

Me: Wondering when he'll stop blocking my door and let me in "I'm from Texas" (genius could've figured that out from the plates)

Man: "That explains it, if you were a "florida girl" you'd be in a convertible"

Me: Gesturing towards my truck door and laughing nervously.

SERIOUSLY, the man did not want to let me into my truck until he fully expressed his florida/texas/girls/trucks stereotypes. So random.

No, this post doesn't have anything to do with health/fitness/running, but I'm swamped with packing and thought it would be fun to see what other stereotypes are out there.

What is your state or area known for? Any stereotypes?

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