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633,600 Inches

Summer is (almost) at its end. Sales on tank tops and shorts abound at the mall, school supplies are flying off shelves, and the 34th (our 3rd) annual running of the Crim happened yesterday.

As I mentioned in my previous post, the Crim is one of the best and my personal favorite races around. The festival boasts a variety of distances (everything from 10 miles to the adorably cute Teddy Bear Trot for the littleuns) and rocks the streets of downtown Flint with a serious afterparty. The course is fantastic, the aid stations - which include beer and donuts near Kettering U - are amazing, and the spectator support is second to none.

Altogether, seven members of our little group ran the 10 mile race in the glorious sun yesterday. For some of us, the race meant another year to pound down the bricks; for others, a chance to PR or complete the distance for the first time. Even the parents got into the action this year, with a few participating in the 8k and others (my mom and sis) cheering from the sidelines.

Personally, I hoped to not only PR but break into the 1:20's this year, but the Bradleys and the Miller Road mansion miles got the best of me. Still, I finished ok:

Though I was disappointed with the finish, the camaraderie and the free beers and pizza made up for it. Plus, the best part about not PR-ing or hitting my 1:29:59 goal is that I still get to work towards something for next year!

I also love this event for the pure energy it brings into a city like Flint. Like many other places in Michigan, Flint's earned a reputation for crime, murder, and hopelessness. People unfamiliar with the area always give me the side-eye when I talk about how I love running down Saginaw Street in the heart of the city. But they don't get to see the city alive with the tens of thousands of participants, some of who fly in from all over the world to compete. They don't get to see the neighborhoods of people rich and poor who sit out on their porches with sprinklers running, handing out water or slapping high fives. They don't get to see the sun-scorched, uneven red bricks that line Saginaw and bear the brunt of over 10,000 runners who sprint that last quarter mile with sweat in their eyes and a cheer in their heart.

And so for that, I love this race. See you next year, Crim!

Today's Point Two: Some photo ops from the race!

Post-race on the Bricks w/ the hubs

I wouldn't want to run 633,600 inches with any other folks!

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