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Week in review (6/28-7/4/2010)

Monday - 6/28Nothing. I sat in the car, while my sister drove us from the bustling metropolis of Omaha to my parents house, outside of Chicago.

Tuesday - 6/29
Nothing. Woke up late and felt crappy after sitting in the car for two days. Ate a late breakfast, then got lunch with my Mom.

Wednesday - 6/30
Finally got out for a run - Skunk Canyon to Chautauqua, where I met up with Tay. Looped around the park, down McClintock, up to the stone quarry, up to Royal Arch, then finished with another loop around the park. Felt strong, which was aided by the slower pace.

Thursday - 7/1
Nothing. I signed up for the Boulder Stroke and Stride (yes, that is actually what it is called), figuring that the swimming would help with some cross training, while the 5K would motivate me to do a little bit of speed work. Of the 3xs, I've gone, it's been cancelled twice - once to lightning, and once to "bad water" (the official email I received after driving out to the res was that whomever was in charge of sampling the water took it right after a bunch of kids had been in the swimming area, and that the water sample had probably been tainted after a kid shit in the swimming area - in not so elegant words). I ended up eating Mexican food at Efrain's (yum) and drinking a few margs. Can't complain, although drinking instead of running made the week skimpier than it already was.

Friday - 7/2
AM - the usual: up Skunk and up to Mallory Caves, down Mesa, across Enchanted, up Kohler, and back down Skunk.
PM - Notch Mountain on some trail that connected to our campsite at Half Moon, which is outside of Minturn. Felt really strong, which was a mixed blessing because I didn't bring enough gear with me so a storm scared me off the mountain before I could summit. I did get to tree line, which was nice.

Saturday - 7/3
Early AM - Headed out for a hike with a good group of friends with the intention of summiting Mount of the Holy Cross (14,005, I think). They made it, but I didn't. I was with the GF, Tif, who is suffering through a knee injury. We did a little less than half of the hike (maybe 5 miles?) before we decided it wasn't worth her destroying her leg for a summit. Would have liked to be out there longer, but can't complain too much. I spent the rest of the day sitting around the campsite, drinking beer, and hearing about the summit from the others.

Sunday - 7/4
We drove into Leadville and I dropped Tif off so she could bask in the local antique couture (yea, I'm not kidding). I continued on to Twin Lakes to get my Hope Pass traverses out of the way. I was more hungover than I thought. I started out feeling a little less peppy than usual (started blaming the wild turkey), but got over the pass and down Sheep Gulch with minimal effort. A few friendly people filled my water bottles for me, and I headed back over. Explosive diarrhea and vomiting ensued on the way up Sheep Gulch - not pretty, but no one was around (so I think). I was surprised at how runnable the trail was toward the top, but at how crappy I was feeling. The last 1/2 mile to the top was the worst I think I've ever felt on a run - every 200 yards or so I had to sit. I made it over the top and started down the other side. I didn't start feeling better until I was well below tree line.

Conclusion: hangover + altitude + running Hope Pass = vomit + shit inducing experience.
However it is well known that, hangover = vomit + shit,
Therefore, (altitude + running Hope Pass)/hangover = experience/(vomit + shit) OR
altitude + running Hope Pass = experience.

It was probably the best thing I could have done to prepare me for what it'll feel like after having run 40+ miles out from Leadville. In all seriousness, it was good prep work and I think I've developed a new strategy for that section of the trail.

Reflection: this week wasn't the strongest of weeks, but I did get up to altitude and get some running in. All around it was a fun week, and that's probably the most important thing.

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