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Today I wrestled gators and wrangled pythons

The gator wrestling was figurative, but the python was real enough.

Today was just one of those days. It started out with good intentions and ended with a total food fail.

We spent the day in Orlando at Gatorland. For those of you that haven't had the pleasure of going there... it is pretty much what the name implies, its a amusement park full of alligators. If you have a kiddo into snakes, bugs and alligators this is the place for you. Its a great alternative to the other parks (disney/universal) in Orlando. Great price, free parking, mostly shaded, low volume of people, and a water play area.

We had a great day which included me being pulled from the audience to hold a python.

As a heads up: If you get pulled up on stage to join the host and are told to stand with your hands out like this...

And then he flips a coin and tells you to "CALL IT"

Put a little thought into it before you call "HEADS"

Because thats what you'll get to hold... the head.

I look like I was really keeping a close eye on that snake but in all honesty... it wasn't that big of a deal. Hello I live in Florida we have those things crawl out of our toilets all the time. Ok... maybe not BUT I do have an alligator that lives about 10 feet off my back porch during certain seasons of the year so a measly snake doesn't scare me.

My son doing his best snake (or Gene Simmons) impersonation:

We had a great time, but I broke one of my own cardinal rules and didn't plan ahead to eat healthy. Usually when we travel I pack my own snacks and scope out menus so that I get food that I know is good for me.

Well, today I threw caution to the wind and ate junk. Right now I feel about like this guy, bloated, lethargic and just plain gross.

I know eating junk for one day isn't a huge deal because its not a habit. But I also know that "habits" have to start somewhere. And if I'm honest with myself (and you), then this past week has been a bit too indulgent.

The "food demon" is one I still have to wrestle occasionally, or after today maybe I'll call it my "food alligator".

Sometimes I feel like the chicken on the line and the food alligators are circling below me, just waiting to pull me back into bad habits.

But I have a plan to wrestle those gators:

Its the same plan I followed to lose 128 pounds and they are the steps I will continue to live by:

1. Eat good foods
2. Eat them in appropriate portions
3. Move your body

Those three steps have been so important to me, but right now I need a 4th and that will be:

4. Rededicate myself as often as needed.

So today I will do just that.

I am in control, and I choose to be healthy. (and show that gator who is boss)

(errrr... no REAL alligators were harmed in the making of my rededication... that one is just sleeping..on his back... totally normal thing for gators to do ;)

How often to you rededicate yourself to a healthy life?
What "gators" are you wrestling with right now?

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