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The future of running

Running is a family affair for us. My husband and I run together, and my son comes along in the jogging stroller. After each run, when we walk to cool down, we take my son out and he gets to run himself.

I've known he loves running, but it wasn't until this week that I figured out he considers himself a "runner". Here are a few of this weeks running related conversations.


Earlier this week I found my son in my bathroom. He was rubbing a stick of Body Glide on his inner legs.

I said,"WHAT are you doing?"

His response "I'm getting ready to go on a run".

Ummm... did I tell you he is only two and a half?


He got a little antsy on our 8 miler on Sunday. I said, "Whats wrong?"

He said, "I'm sad."

Me: "Why?"

Him: "I need out of the stroller. I just need to RUN. Running makes me HAPPY!"


I took my son to the eye doctor today. The tech had him naming pictures off the eye chart. He came to a picture of a hand and said, "Thats a "stop, do not walk" hand" (as in at a cross walk)

She laughed and asked how he knew that. He said, "I see them all the time on my runs." (already trying to impress the ladies)

At the same appointment one of the nurses commented on his new shoes. She said, "Oh, what nice tennis shoes you have."

Well, he corrected her quickly, "These aren't TENNIS shoes, these are my RUNNING shoes. I run REAL fast."

Do you have any future runners?
Who is racing this weekend?
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