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Sweat & SPF Brownies

A while back, I proposed to Mother Nature that she bring on the heat. Turns out she not only took me up on the offer but added in a few extra degrees just for fun.

With temps soaring into the mid-90's this week and heat advisories abounding, I went for what should have been a four miler today though the heat stripped that down to a measly 3.1.

I've taken the last three days off...
Sunday - 4th of July
Monday - Recovering from the 4th
Tuesday - Recovering from the recovery day

But as always, I digress. I knew today had to be the day to get back in gear and since I had my nephew until early afternoon, I didn't hit the pavement until 4 p.m.

Although at first I thought my skin was melting immediately off of my face, I actually enjoyed the sun and the weather for the first mile and a half or so. But as I sweated, and sweated, and sweated, my pace began to taper off and I found myself walking at 1.75, and later, at 2.5. My skin was a mess of sweat and SPF 30 - I was coated so well that I'm pretty sure one could've poured some Betty Crocker brownie batter on me, left me out on asphalt, and in 35 minutes, would've had a delicious batch of body brownies to enjoy.

Still, even with walk breaks, I managed a pace of 10:32. Sick, I know, but I did recently read in Runner's World that for every five degrees the temp is above 60, your pace can slow up to 30 seconds per mile. So I don't feel too bad.

In the end, I was glad I faced down Mama Nature and went for the run. I figure I've been rather lucky weather-wise when it comes to summer racing, and in the event I hit a race this summer when the sun is blood-boiling hot, I better be ready.

Today's Point Two: In light of the weather, and because summer boredom might just be kicking in for you, I thought I'd offer TWO Point Twos today to cool you off today. That, and because I have two good Point Twos to report today! Yippee!
1) "My Hero" by the Foo Fighters. Back when Pat Smear was still rocking guitar for the Foo (circa my sophomore year in high school), this little gem of a tune caught my ear and it still riles me up today. Nice even keel beat and, albeit slightly cheesy in a Rocky/Rambo/Eric Cartman montage sort-of-way, the lyrics can push you through just about any tough run.
2) Sunscreen. Useful as a good reminder to get back into central air conditioning when you can't keep it from sweating down into your eyes.

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