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Monday Meanderings

1. Week one marathon training: Complete. We pushed our long runs back to Sundays because it works with our schedules better, so this week was a little off.
Monday: Crosstrain:(35min with the kickboard in the pool)
Tuesday: 4 miles:(1 min "fast", 3min "easy",repeated for 4miles -modified off schedule)
Wednesday: Crosstrain
Thursday:6 miles(2 miles easy, 2 @tempo, 2 easy)
Friday: Rest
Sunday:8 miles

2. Orthotics: My orthotics came in last week. I started out by wearing them for one hour the first day, two hours the next and so on. Well, come Sunday I was faced with a dilemma. I hadn't ran in the orthotics before, but needed to get my 8 miles in for the day. I was nervous to run in them for so long the first time. The problem is, the old Mizunos I was running in are completely shot. I knew I couldn't make it 8 miles in them. Luckily, the lovely@RunnerKelly came to my rescue and suggested I run 4 in the orthotics and then switch out and run 4 in the old shoes. Great solution!

The first 4 miles went great, with the exception of the HUGE blisters the orthotics rubbed on both of my arches. Not sure what to do about it, but I'm going to stop by Fleet Feet today and see what they think. We looped back by the house at the end of 4 miles, switched shoes, grabbed some water and headed out for 4 more. Miles 4-6 kind of sucked because there was such a HUGE difference in how the second pair of shoes felt. I hit a rhythm and miles 6-8 were a little better.

3. THANKFUL: I am super thankful for such a supportive husband. He is training with me, even when it means sacrificing his usual fast pace to slow down and run my pace. And to top it off he pushes the jogging stroller almost exclusively. Pretty sure I only pushed it about .2 miles out of the 8 yesterday. I am so lucky.

4. Night owl: Last nights run started about 9:30pm. Everytime I write about running at night I get questions about where my 2 year old is during our run. Well... he is with us. He is a night owl. As a family we usually go to bed at about 11-11:30pm. BUT, my son and I don't wake up until 9:30am or so. He gets plenty of sleep, we just have a different schedule than most toddlers. This way, he gets to spend plenty of time with my husband when he gets off work. And I get the added bonus of sleeping in. :)

5. FAMILY AFFAIR: I am super excited to announce that my two sisters as well as my brother in law have signed up to run the Rock N Roll Half Marathon. This will be the first 1/2 for all of them and the first full marathon for me and my husband. I am so super excited for everyone.

6. Winner: The winner of the Sweaty Bands giveaway is: Stacie,Impossible is Nothing.Shoot me an email and I'll get them out this week.

7. Giveaway: Don't forget to enter my GoLite giveaway HERE.There will be TWO winners for this giveaway, so check it out.

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