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Monday Meanderings (My week in pictures)

Last week was full of family, sun and fun. I finally have a chance to sit down and write up a post, but I'm going to cheat and fill it full of pictures. Because, who doesn't love looking at random family pictures? :)

Ft. Lauderdale Beach

We tried (and failed) to get a group shot-

We did manage to get a decent picture of us:



My son (in red) about to feed a stingray

Holding a sea anemone

All the kids together


Girls night out for my moms birthday

Sisters: (Kim the youngest in pink,Melissa the oldest in blue,and of course thats me in the green)

Ok, I'll stop before I overwhelm you with pictures. ;) We had a great time! Part of the group headed back to Austin yesterday, and some will stay for a few more weeks. And then my time here in Florida starts to wind down. I can't believe we are moving and leaving these beautiful beaches behind in a month.

Hope everyone has a great week!

What's your BEST advice to make moving easier?

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