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Espana Part 1

Hola Amigos. So I´m not really going to do much of an update because, well, no one reads this. I just wanted to share that I´m currently in the ancient city of Mansilla. It´s not nearly as hot as I thought it would be, but running with a bag as heavy as mine has proved impossible. In retrospect I should have brought about 1/4 the stuff I have with me to make this viable. That being the case, I´m doing far less mileage than I had originally planned, but I am still making it about 25 miles per day (averaging around 40 km).

I´ve travelled from Burgos to Mansilla (a town that is a few miles short of Leon). I don´t exactly know what my plan is going to be from Leon forward, but considering that I won´t be able to make it to Compostella de Santiago at this pace in the time that I´ve alloted myself, I´ll have to do something. I´ll keep you posted...

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