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Have you heard of these crazy people who don't like to sit down? Do you know anyone that stands at work? I've heard of people sitting on yoga balls and stuff, but even that seems strange.

Apparently, they are on to something. And...I sorta get it. During the middle of the semester, or even when I've worked in an office, if I don't have opportunities to walk around things don't feel right. It isn't as though I can't walk around, but sometimes when you're on a roll or don't want to be disturbed the hours tick by without even realizing it. I remember after my first semester of law school, directly after I had finished finals, my lower back was killing me. I figured it was because of my poor posture while I was studying. And that's probably the cause. But there is more to it.

A recent study shows that people who sit most of the day, which probably includes most people who work in offices, or drive to work, etc. are at a very high risk of heart disease. The study focuses only on men, but chances are it applies the same to women (so ladies, although things work differently you probably aren't in the clear). The thing that sorta scares me about this is that even if you work out several times a week you are still at risk! Whether or not you lead an active lifestyle when you aren't working, if you are sedentary for large portions of the day, you will be at risk.


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