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After today's hot and steamy 6 miler, I'm fairly sure that running is much more an exercise in mental fortitude versus physical abilities.

Case in point: after a lousy, humid 4 miles yesterday that I went into thinking about how much I didn't want to go run, I approached today's workout with a different perspective and found success.

Since I had my nephew until 3:30ish and couldn't run until after 4, I spent most of the day thinking about how much I really want to hammer out a few miles despite the heat. When the time came, I drank a packet of Gatorade pre-game fuel, grabbed the old iPod and my Nike sport band watch, and headed out towards Hines for a change of scenery.

Though I kept my own positive thoughts flowing, the energy found on Hines never ceases to amaze and invigorate me. Walkers, runners, and bikers all faced down the same 91-degree heat I was about to fight. I felt inspired by their endurance and immediately wanted to join in.

The first three miles out felt good. I kept a steady pace (around 10:00/mile, nothing too crazy in the heat), which is something I've been working on the last few weeks. Though the turnaround and final three were a bit tougher, and I found myself walking here and there, I kept reminding myself that nothing hurt, my lungs felt great, the hills weren't that hard and Wazam! I finished the run with a strong 9-odd-minute pace.

I'm no math major, but after today's run I believe I've figured out the magic ratio that leads to good running: 60 percent mental, 40 percent physical. Nothing is so hard on your body as it is on your mind.

With this lesson learned, I now face a 15k race this weekend. Let's hope that 60 percent doesn't let me down!

Today's Point Two: Gatorade pre-game fuel. tasty, cheap, 100-calorie drink that's light on the tummy and good fuel for a longish run.

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