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Which one makes YOU smile?

Busy, busy around here today. I'm hoping I'll be able to hop back on this afternoon and post but for now I wanted to put up the updated photo entries for the Ryders sunglasses giveaway. There is still time to enter Click HERE to enter.

Since Ryders is giving away a sweet new pair of shades, I'm giving you a chance to show me why you need to win them. The following people have +5 entries in the giveaway and scored bonus points for making me smile.

This is Skip and his entry got a chuckle out of me. Obviously the aviators as RACING glasses are pretty funny but beyond that... he didn't submit this picture himself. His FRIEND over at Run Dash blog nominated him as someone who needs new glasses. Now THATS a good friend. :)

LB, Muddy Runner and his adorable daughter living the Bug Life.

RunningLaur submitted this adorable picture of her bro.

Michelle, Lets Roll Mama: I bet a new pair of Ryders sunglasses would look MUCH cooler than those goggles.

The Aimless Runner: SWEET! Aviators, mullet and plaid. Does it get any better?!?

P, An Average Athlete: I'm totally diggin the Ray-Ban Wayfarers from 1985. High fives to her for hanging on to them!

KayPow, double duty dorkiness. :)

Stacie,Impossible is Nothing showing off her sexy librarian look.

Streak needs a new HAT a lot more than he needs new glasses :)

Tracy, Our Life With 3 Guys & a Doll , pretty sure I owned a nightgown just like that

Laura,My Reason To Run: oh those crazy college years

Leah,Leahs New Ending:also rockin the Sally Jesse Raphael glasses

Melissa had dreams of being Sally Jesse Raphael (circa 1993):

Amanda,5miles Past Empty sporting her Air Force BCGs (aka Birth Control Glasses):

Marathon Maiden is living the thug life:

Amy,Fit and Fabulous loves the 80s:

Donna's kids call these her "bug" glasses. I think the shades look great, I'm WAY more interested in the story behind the bear:

Donda and her sister looking SupaFly:

Keri,Mom vs. Marathon:..tweedledee,tweedledum,tweedleKeri

I'll update the pictures as they come in. You can submit any "dorky" picture of you past or present, real or made up, in ANY type of "eyewear" to get 5 additional entries into the Ryders sunglass giveaway. Send pics to along with your blog link

I've gotten such a kick out of these this week that I've decided to give everyone a few extra days to get their entries in. The giveaway winner will be announced Monday.

Which picture makes you smile the most?

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