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Week in review (6/21-6/27)

I figured that I'd start keeping track of what I do every day. Don't expect a whole lot from this because I'm mostly doing it for personal posterity reasons.

Monday - 6/21/10
Morgul-Bismark road-bike loop. Nice little loop to get some blood moving through the legs. I had good company with Taylor, Kate, and Avi. Everything felt decent, but I could tell that my legs were still tired. It was pretty hot at 2pm.

Tuesday - 6/22/10
Gym. Figured I should stay off the legs for another day. Biked for 15 minutes and lifted. Legs were feeling much better, but tired.

Wednesday - 6/23/10
Gym - treadmill for a quick 30 min speed session. It felt really good to finally run.

Thursday - 6/24/10
Nelson Road Loop - Road Bike. Headed out with Tay for nice evening ride.

Friday - 6/25/10
From my house, headed up Skunk Canyon, along Mesa, up Mallory. Back on Mesa, through Enchanted and Kohler Mesas. Felt good going up. Quads were pretty stressed on the way down - I guess I'm still feeling it from SJS. The heat didn't help anything. I couldn't focus on doing work so I headed out at 1:30 got home around before 3. Temperature was 93 when I left and 97 when I got back. Felt good to sweat, but the heat was oppressive.

Saturday - 6/26/10
Short run around the neighborhood very early (6am). After yesterday's heat run, I figured I'd get out early. It was a fast paced, 45 minute run on the road. Didn't want to do too much today. Wanted to watch soccer and WS (amazing race. Congrats to everyone who finished!)

Sunday - 6/27/10
Did the same loop as on Friday (that's my normal loop). I actually don't know how far of a trip it is, but it isn't too long: maybe 8 miles total. Today was the first I felt normal and I would have liked to stay out there for longer, but I'm going to head back to Chicago for a few days. My sister is moving, so I told her I'd help.

I'll be back on Tuesday.

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