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The good, the bad, and the swimming

Last night we got in a quick 5 mile run. And by "quick" of course I mean medium paced... which is what I specialize in. :)

We made it out for an early run. And by "early" I mean it was 10 minutes till 9 pm. Early. We've pretty much turned into full time night runners (whats the technical term?), which is pretty ironic since I'm currently hosting a SUN GLASS giveaway. :) (Check it out HERE)


The good: The temperatures finally drop below 90 degrees at 9pm.

The bad: Its still 89 degrees with like 100% humidity

The good: Lovely views of the moon and stars.

The bad: Its dark... .which of course means you can't always see where your feet are landing.

The good: Its dark... which means NOBODY else can see when you, so you don't lose your cool points when you trip and hit the ground.

The bad: Cool factor remains intact, but hamstring might not...

The good: You can't see the rain clouds roll in. A quick shower at mile 3 was lovely.

The bad: The rain only lasted long enough to create a sauna effect on the roads/sidewalks.

The good: "Swimming" through that humidity the last few miles surely counts as cross training.

How are you adjusting to the summer heat? Are you running/working out earlier, later, less?

(And Happy Birthday to the best Mom in the whole world :)

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