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SJS 50, 2 days away…

Saturday I'm running the San Juan Solstice or the Lake City 50 (either way), a run that I've wanted to do since I started running ultra's. Needless to say, I'm stoked. Go to the website and check out the pics they've posted - pretty sweet.

I'll have a race report on Monday or Tuesday. For now, enjoy looking at this elevation profile:


I've heard that the course is in good shape and that there isn't too much snow. Hopefully I can get into Lake City at a decent time so that I can catch some shut-eye before the race. If not, well, who needs sleep anyway?

As a side note, if you read the course description we're heading through all sorts of great public lands (FS and BLM) and even some private lands. I don't know how they pulled that off. Hopefully I can talk to the RD about it because I don't think that is a simple task.

If you're running Big Horn this weekend, good luck and have fun out there! For the rest of you lazy bums on the front range, enjoy your weekend and sleep-in extra late for me.

And good luck to my sis, Al, who is running her first marathon up in MN. You'll do great - just remember to think of the aid stations as buffets.

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