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Ryders Giveaway and a chance to be a dork

We all know that sunglasses are a great way to express our personal style, BUT it turns out they are pretty important to your health as well.

Most of us are getting pretty good about applying sunscreen before heading outside, now we need to apply the same diligence to protecting our eyes.

Wearing sunglasses can cut your risks of:

-corneal burns
-macular degeneration
-and looking "uncool"

Those are four things we'd all like to avoid. So, in order to save your eyes and your reputation I took one for the team and let Ryders Eyewear twist my arm until I finally agreed to try out some of their sunglasses for free. Yes, it's tough being me. *sigh* And since my husband and I train together, he got roped into trying their sunglasses as well. Poor man.

Here he is in his:

And here I am in mine:

The verdict on both?

I'll tell you the truth, when I originally pulled them out of the package I was a bit skeptical. They feel so lightweight that I initially thought "these feel cheap" (just being honest here). But, it ended up being a positive aspect of the sunglasses. My husband told me after our run that he had completely forgotten he was even wearing sunglasses.

Usually sunglasses come in two options: those that slip and those that DON'T slip but pinch your head off. These Ryders showed me there is another category for performance eyewear: They didn't slip AND they didn't pinch. They simply stayed in place. Imagine that.

Hmmm... what else can I tell you? Oh yeah, they blocked the sun and have 100% UV protection.

So now I'm going to save one reader from all of those funky eye diseases as well as the dreaded "uncool" factor and give you the chance to win a pair of sunglasses. The giveaway ends 11:59PM EST June 27.
Leave a SEPARATE comment for EACH entry.

1. Go to and shop around. Come back and tell me which pair would make you look cool

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4. Spread the word:
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5. Convince me you need these to look cool: Send me a picture (past or present, fake or real) of you in your most uncool glasses/sunglasses/goggles/whatever. Sporting 80s shades? Dorky plastic glasses? Email the picture and you'll get +5 extra entries. ( I will post the pics with blog links, and I'll note the additional entries in the comment section for you)

6. Tell me what you usually look for when purchasing sunglasses.

(Disclaimer: I was given sunglasses for free, but I still told the truth in this review because I'm just honest like that. :)

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