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Monday Meanderings

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In case you haven't noticed, I'm working on revamping my blog. I appreciate your patience as I work through some kinks. If anyone is super computer savvy and wants to offer help, shoot me an email. :) I need help!

Winner Winner

Wow, you people really LOVE your Road IDs. I am thrilled by the response we got. While I'm only able to pick one winner, I hope the rest of you take the time to check out their site,HERE, and look into getting one. Safety first people!

Without further ado, the winner of the Road ID giveaway is:

Marathon Maiden.

Congrats, just shoot me an email:

Hill work:

Friday night my husband and I had a lovely "date run". We did 3 miles of hill repeats. As I've mentioned before,"hill work" for me is actually "bridge work". It's super flat here, but we have some awesome, steep inter coastal bridges. We really pushed hard Friday night and even though it was only 3 miles the incline provided an awesome workout. I came away with screaming legs and a huge smile. :)

(sporting my Road ID)

We've been running exclusively at night. It's been in the 90s here with humidity to match so we don't hit the streets until at least 9pm. As you can see I try to wear bright tops with some sort of reflection. The bridge has a cement barricaded pedestrian path and is actually well lit, but for our nightly neighborhood runs I'm thinking I need to get one of Road IDs Fireflys. They look like the perfect thing for night runners.


I'm still working on finalizing a training plan. Thank you so much for your lovely suggestions. I still have a few weeks until we officially start, but I'm hoping to settle on something soon. I have to admit, as a runner who as spent the better part of this year dealing with an injury, the FIRST marathon training plan sounds appealing. "Run less, Run faster" sounds a little too good to be true, but I am intrigued by the idea behind it. I'll probably be discussing that later this week.

Are you familiar with the FIRST plan? What's your opinion on it?

Do you workout as a couple or family? Or do you prefer to run/workout alone?

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