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TOO... ..TIRED... ..TO... ..WRITE...

Yes, I have been a slacker. It's been a couple of days since I have updated this page, but we have been super busy. My son's 2nd birthday is next week so we took him to Disney's Animal Kingdom today to celebrate.

The day was absolutely perfect and I have tons of pictures to wade through before I start posting. We had an AMAZING time, but I am exhausted. So, I give you fair warning--tomorrow's post will be LONG. Very little of it will have to do with fitness or health, but I can guarantee you pictures of one adorable birthday boy.

In the mean time, go check out SYLS page. She completed a 10k last night and is a great inspiration for us all.

I also wanted to publicly acknowledge Katie, who was kind enough to sponsor me in my Race for the Cure even though we've never met. Thanks again Katie.


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