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I've been feeling pretty sick the last few days, and honestly I just haven't felt like running. It would be so easy for me to use the whole sick thing as an excuse to be lazy, BUT I HAVEN'T.

I ran on Sunday, played tennis last night, and ran again tonight. No slacking.You see, I have made a commitment to myself and to my sister. We are training for a 5K and I WILL run the entire thing.

On Sunday evening I was laying in the living room floor, dressed for a run but still trying to get up the motivation to go. My older sister Melissa called and I mentioned to her that I was tired and not feeling great and really just didn't want to run. And she said, "Just do it and then put it on your blog, maybe you'll inspire someone else to get out there."

So I headed out and ran two miles. They were pretty slow miles, but I was still proud of myself and I certainly didn't regret going. Tonight was the same story again, I wanted to stay home and just watch The Biggest Loser, but I remembered how good I felt after Sundays run so I hit the pavement with hubby and child in tow.

We ran 3 miles this time. Well... .2 miles straight and then ran/walked the last mile. I have to keep reminding myself that we just started training last week so instead of being disappointed I walked part of the last mile, I should be proud I was able to run two straight. How is your training going Kim? (my sister that is running the race with me)

Even if your workout or run isn't the best one you've had, you'll never regret getting out there and just doing it, but you'll definitely regret it if you don't at least try.

Obviously, there are some times when you shouldn't run when sick. I read an article by a doctor that runs marathons, he said if your symptoms are above the neck (like a sinus infection) then you can run but if they are below the neck (like a chest infection) then you shouldn't run. Also, don't run if you have a fever. Of course that's just a brief guideline, in the end you have to listen to your body. Sometimes we just need rest.

I don't know if Melissa was right about inspiring someone else, but I DO know this blog has helped me stay accountable. I knew I would come on here and be completely honest, and I'd much rather tell you about my positive accomplishments than about my missteps.

I do have one of my traditional sweaty post-run pictures (which I know you all look forward to), but it's saved on my computer and I'm typing this on my husbands, so I'll have to edit to add it later.

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