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Yep, move to ANOTHER STATE. I've been struggling with my runs at home in South Florida. The humidity there is so high that my lungs always feel heavy and it feels like I'm swimming through the thick air. I stop running because my lungs are tired long before my legs ever get fatigued.

I am in Texas now visiting family. My sister and I went for a run last night. It felt GREAT! Instead of fighting my way through the entire run, I was actually enjoying it. We ran for 29 minutes and I honestly felt I could've kept running and running. I am enjoying the nice, crisp fall weather here. I was starting to worry about my 5K, but now I am looking forward to it.

Of course most people may not be willing to move to simply improve their runs so lets address some other suggestions to get into running.

1. Start off walking--if you are just starting your fitness journey then you may want to start walking.I lost the bulk of my weight with this as my main source of exercise. Do it consistently and slowly increase your speed and distance.

2. Slowly incorporate running--you can do this on your own or try one of the many programs out there. "Couch to 5K" is a program to get the average couch potato running a 5k in 2 months. You can find the training program on the Cool Running website. There are podcasts available to download for free from Robert Ullery. He has set the program to music. Simply listen to your MP3 player and follow his prompts on when to run and when to walk.

3. Wear the correct shoes--it is important to treat your feet right. If you're going to run, then you should wear RUNNING shoes. If possible you should go to a running store where they can fit your for shoes as well as determine what kind of shoes are best for you based on your stride. Keep in mind that the average running shoe is good for between 300-500 miles. Replace them as needed.

4. Find a running partner--you have to decide what will work better for you, someone at your own skill level or someone more experienced than you. I started running with my husband who can run faster and longer than me. I found it motivating to have someone to "keep up with". Some people may do better having someone progress with you at the same pace.

5. Sign up for a race--pick a race in the future and commit to it. Once you have a goal and a date it will give you something to look forward to. I have been more motivated to run because I have Race for the Cure coming up. (to sponsor me in my race click HERE)

What are your "running tips"?

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