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Ummmm... .not pie... how about... easy as organic, gluten free, vegan, kosher friendly, but still yummy dessert equivalent. :)

Running 5K is super duper easy. Well, maybe not EASY but achievable. Two nights ago my sister and I set out for our run in training for the Race for the Cure. (That link is provided in case anyone would like to sponsor me. I'm really slacking in my donations.)

Honestly, I wasn't looking forward to the run. I even asked her, "Do you think we'll ever get to the point where we just REALLY want to get out and run?" She said she already felt that way sometimes.

Good for her.

I look forward to exercising, and I love the way I feel AFTER I've run, and I even enjoy it WHILE I'm running, but for some reason there is often a moment of dread right before I take off. Why is that? (I'm thinking there must be some repressed gym class memories lurking somewhere.)

I think that dread may now be replaced by excitement. Off we went, running our mapped out course. It was muggy and hot, but we were still feeling good. We kept a nice, steady pace and GUESS WHAT?

We ran 5K. Straight. Not stopping, no walking, no pausing, no THINKING about stopping. We just ran it. It took us 33 minutes so we definitely weren't breaking any records, but WE DID IT.

When we got to our end point we were feeling so good, that we decided to go a bit further just for good measure. We are so AWESOME!

Ok, I'll try to stop blowing my own horn but I do have to say my sister has improved incredibly. Prior to that run the longest she had ran straight for was 16 minutes. Going from 16 minutes to 33 minutes in a week and a half is amazing. Good job Kim.

I wore my old shoes, I'm just not feeling the new ones. After that great run I keep asking myself why I'm messing with a good thing. I don't have any foot pain, the Nike's feel great. Why don't I just buy a new pair of the ones I'm used to?

So I've been calling around town all morning trying to track down a pair. So far I've located one pair in my size, but right now the store has them on hold for someone else. If that lady doesn't show up then they will go to me. Cross your fingers that I get them.


Like I mentioned last week, my sister Melissa just had her baby. Here is a picture of me, my son and the new baby.

And my adorable son showing off his new monkey rain boots.

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