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Conquering old demons one mile at a time

I can remember all the way back to elementary school that I dreaded running the track. We had something called a Presidential Fitness Test (do they still have it?) that we had to pass each year. Basically it was a test where we had to do certain a amount of pull ups/sit ups/push ups in certain time frame and run 1 mile in under 9 minutes. The standards varied by age. The older you got, the faster you had to run.

As much as I dreaded the pull ups and push ups, I could usually get a few of those in. It was the running that made my heart race long before the starting line. A mile seemed sooooo long and everyone seemed faster than me.

I never managed to run the whole thing, I would always have to walk at least part of it and I can still hear the teachers and other students yelling at me to "Run".

Well, I have been running lately. Little by little I'm increasing how far and how fast. Usually we run through a neighborhood or on a designated trail. This week we decided to visit my old middle school track.

I was instantly nervous about it. I have been running 5k without any problem, but would I succeed on the track? Not only are there bad memories associated with it, but lets face it--its a pretty monotonous place to run.

Last night I challenged that track and I won. I ran 3.5 miles on it. Yep, I think I conquered some old demons in that run.

Anyone else have bad memories from gym class and how are you fighting them?

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