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A quick run and a few questions


So today was supposed to be an "off" day. We decided to go for a walk and then just run an easy mile (8:45). Since this is my first 5K the goal I set was to just run it all. I'm not too worried about time, but I assumed I would run it under 30min. I've started looking around online for peoples average 5K run times and it looks like they're longer than that. Since I'm a beginner, do you think I'm being completely unrealistic? (Currently it takes me about 19min to run 2 miles and I still have to walk part of the 3rd mile to total 32min). I have until Nov.1 to prepare. I would love to hears others 5K times.

We signed up for the un-timed portion of the race figuring we didn't need to be in with the timed chip runners. Today someone told my sister that we made a mistake and we would be too bogged down in the un-timed portion. I guess there is always a HUGE turn out and its notoriously hard to run in. Has anyone else had this problem in their 5Ks? Any tips on how to combat the crowds?

I have been reading up on race day "etiquette" and plan to post about it soon, what are your pet peeves during a race? (ex: loud ipods/spitting/others wearing cologne)

Ok, off to watch Top Chef. Any other fans out there?

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