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5... 5 dollar... 5 dollar footloooonnngs

Yeah, just thought the subway jingle should be stuck in your head too.:)

So, I have been here in Texas for a week now. Visiting family and being away from your normal routine is usually pretty hazardous on the waistline, but I have good news. I now weigh in at 173.8

That is a 4.2 pound loss in A WEEK! Go me!

That seems so crazy to me. In the beginning the weight came off quickly, but now it's been pretty slow so I was surprised to see such a big number. Guess all the running this week has paid off.

Second bit of good news--I GOT THE SHOES. Like I mentioned yesterday I was trying to track down a pair of Nike Pegasus like I had been running in. I just wasn't feeling the new Adidas I had picked up. I was only able to find one pair in my size in the city of Austin, and as of lunch yesterday they were on hold at the store for someone else.

Well, that lady decided she didn't want them. Yippeee! I very happily went and picked them up this morning. Here they are--

I'm happy now, no more shoe drama.

Not sure if you remember, but I mentioned in a previous post that I was having some "issues" with the bottoms I run in. I wanted something fitted that didn't fall down when I ran. Apparently that is asking a lot though because it has taken me weeks to find a pair I like running in.

The search has ended. I picked up a pair of Adidas capri's and took them for a run last night. I'm happy to say they were super comfy and no one saw my butt. :)

I promptly returned to the store today to get another pair.

After shopping we took the kiddos to the park and then had Subway for lunch. Veggie delight on wheat. No cheese, lots of veggies and some spicy mustard. Yum, yum, yum.

I'm looking forward to catching up with friends this weekend and getting in a little running. What are your plans for the weekend?

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