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Race Training Day 1


So I officially signed up for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Austin 5K. I joined my sister Kims work team. She will be running with me. We are both SUPER excited to be entered in our first race. She had a beautiful baby girl six months ago and has been working hard on making time for herself. I think the upcoming race date (Nov. 1st) will be great motivation for both of us.

Like I mentioned yesterday that is one of the ways I plan on celebrating meeting my goal of losing 100 pounds. Even though I plan on losing more weight I have decided to pick a fitness oriented goal this time instead of a weight loss one. So my goal is: Run in a 5K.

If you would like to sponsor me in this race or check out my progress,you can do so by clicking HERE

Funds raised are used to help promote awareness of breast cancer and to enrich the lives of those living with breast cancer.

So today was day one of training for the race. My husband, son (in jogging stroller) and I ran a mile and a half. But, I have to admit I stopped once to walk for about a minute. I was having some major clothing malfunctions.

(I decided no picture documentation of this part of my training was needed)

My bottoms were falling off to the point of actual butt crack showing. And while my husband may have enjoyed the view, I doubt the cars driving by did. These are the smallest pair of workout bottoms I have, but I obviously need to invest in some with a draw string at the waist. According to Charles we were running just over an 8 minute mile so I'm happy with that.

How did you do Kim? Anyone else training for any races? I would love to hear how everyones training is coming along. Also, what kind of bottoms does everyone run in?

This is me and the little one after our run.

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