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"The Family and Friends Plan"

No, I'm not advertising for my cell phone carrier. Quite frankly I've never found one I like. I'm referring to my support network.

Throughout my life I have probably tried countless fad diets. I have spent hundreds of dollars on crazy exercise gadgets and have even ingested (gasp) over the counter and prescription diet pills. And guess what? They didn't work. Or they worked for the week I was able to follow the diet (a week on cabbage soup alone is a long time), and then I would go right back to my previous habits.

Why didn't they work? Well... they weren't sustainable. The only thing that works is a lifestyle change. PERIOD. That's something I'm sure I'll delve into in the near future, but I think there's another reason they didn't work.

I didn't love myself enough to make it work. OK, I know that sounds melodramatic... but it's true. I had to come to love myself enough to put myself first. I had to realize that I couldn't take care of my family unless I took care of myself. I can't raise my son and expect him to grow up happy and healthy unless I was happy and healthy.

I had to come to that place through prayer, years of heartache and A LOT of growing up. That was a huge obstacle to overcome and something that I still struggle with at times. Luckily as I fight these battles I have the support of my family.

The positive feedback I have received this week regarding this blog has brought me to tears on more than one occasion. I am thankful to be blessed with such a loving family. They have been so supportive on this journey.

That support system has been an integral part of my success so far. Once I made the commitment they jumped right on board and have helped me stay accountable. Thank you so much, I love you all.

Charles--Thanks for taking a million walks with me, for trying out all my new "healthy" recipes,and only once refusing to eat them :).But mostly thank you for loving me whether fat or thin.

Dad--It's silly that simply hearing my dad say "I'm proud of you" could bring me to tears, but it did. Thank you for that.

Mom--Aren't you tired of my daily "weigh in" calls? If you are then you've never let on. Thank you.

Melissa--Thank you for helping me be accountable. All those, "what are you having for dinner" calls probably help me stay on track as more than they give you grocery ideas. (And thank you for being the only one to ever bring salads to a family gathering)

Kim--Thanks for all the encouragement. I'm sure I've monopolized many of our conversations, but you've never made me feel like you're tired of talking about it.

Zak--Ummm... I haven't talked to you a whole lot lately, but the last time I was in town you said something like, "Whoa, you're starting to look good/skinny/something". Can't remember exactly, but I can remember that it put a smile on my face.

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