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Bear Naked and The Bridge

(Thats a pretty saucy sounding title huh?)

Just a quick posting for today. It is too beautiful outside to sit in front of this computer for too long.

I tried something new and super yummy for breakfast this morning. It was a granola cereal called "Bear Naked". Its marketed as a 100% natural cereal that is vegetarian friendly and kosher certified. Its filled with whole grains, but more importantly it was super YUMMY. I tried the Banana Nut and it was delicious. It tasted like banana nut bread with little bits of banana and even apples in it.

Its a little high in carbs and doesn't have enough protein on its own for breakfast though. I think it will be good mixed in with some Greek yogurt to bump up the protein. I received a free sample in the mail and it came with a $1 off coupon. I will definitely be purchasing this. Let me know if anyone else has tried it. What flavors do you like?

You can go to their website to get a free sample.

After that great start to the morning we decided to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather in South Florida. So we loaded up the kiddo and headed to "The Bridge". (That's obviously not the actual name of it, but on the off chance that I develop a stalker I will simply refer to it by that nickname.)

We did some running today along with our walking. My son enjoyed watching the boats and keeping an eye out for dolphins. Here is a pic of me and Charles feeling accomplished after conquering "The Bridge".

That's all for now. We plan on going swimming sometime after lunch. Hope everyone has had a great weekend. Now, get off the computer and go enjoy your day!

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