The Connection Runners + weight loss


I am so super excited. I woke up and weighed this morning and guess what the scale said? 178. Yep, that means I have lost 100 pound in just under 9 months. I am so proud of myself. Just look how happy I am. Jumping with joy.

Ok, its possible that was only a poor reenactment of what actually happened this morning. There may have actually been dancing involved. Or tears. Well, probably both.

So... do I plan to celebrate? Someone suggested chocolate cake.


Seriously. I won't mention who that was, but I hope they were joking. No, I am no longer celebrating things in my life with food. I am going to get a new pair of running shoes and sign up for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Austin. Anyone want to sponsor our team? :)I also plan on a family hike up Enchanted Rock. I'm very excited about both of those events.

A quick side note. My son is a budding artist. Here he is drawing pictures with peanut butter on his highchair tray. Isn't he talented?

Ok, I'm sweaty from playing tennis so I should go shower. Just one more pic showing how excited I am. Thanks for everyones support!

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